Providing the Missing Pieces


When it came to creating this video for the Paradise Valley Police Department, they had a substantial amount of the prep work in place. They came in with the exact shot by shot outline to the second for the entire spot, secured the location, actors and music. We provided the gear, direction and editing.

It was a lot of fun putting this video together. It was winter time so although the pool looks fun, it was still a bit chilly, even here in Arizona, but the kids didn’t seem to notice at all. We also had a trick shot with the pool noodle, which was a fun element to create as well.

Ultimately, we were able to provide PVPD with exactly what they were looking for in the video, even if Covid ultimately cancelled the event a few weeks later.

If you have an idea and just need one or more of the pieces to create a video, whether it be cameras, drones, editing. Consider giving us a call as we can assist in not just providing a complete package, but all the elements in between.