Creating Awareness, Creating Change


One of our newest clients at Power 10 Films is Arizona Housing Fund. We are honored to be creating content for this great Arizona non-profit, assisting them as they improve housing across the state.

It can be challenging to create content for any company or non-profit when they are in the early stages of their planned cycle, but also it is one of the most critical times for creating impactful content. In this case, Arizona Housing Fund has created a system for donations to address homelessness in Arizona which will someday build many homes for lower income individuals. In order to create this change for the state, we need to create awareness of this issue.

The work we are producing for AZHF in association with Elaina V. Public Relations is centered around a monthly interview series with companies and leaders in Arizona who have implemented the fundraising strategy or have assisted in the implementation. The goal is to encourage other leaders and corporations to implement the fund option into their organizational process as well.

Homelessness might not be as exciting or entertaining as some of the other subjects Power 10 Films has been able to address, but it is a serious one that needs to see change, and we are very excited to be working with Arizona Housing Fund to create that change.

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