Documentary Films

Power 10 Films has always been associated with documentary films.

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Branded Content

Need help getting your message across. Power 10 specializes in connecting you to your audience and making a seamless feel across all platforms.

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Video Production

Regardless of the size of your vision, Power 10 Films has the means to achieve it. With a decade in the business we can help you from pre-production through post.

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Telling the Story

Committed to telling real stories that make a positive impact. Power 10 Films has spent years working to use our skills in storytelling to help people reach their audience.

Power 10 Films focuses on the details to help fully develop the message. Using a full range of visual and audial techniques, our goal is to immerse the audience in the story.

Power 10 Films has produced a number of projects that have been recognized among the best of the best. Projects have gone on to win film festivals, Telly and Communicator Awards. Although the primary goal is to create the best story for the target audience, we strive to make sure each production continues our pursuit of excellence on screen.

Next Steps…

Contact our team. Submit your ideas and we’ll get back to you on how we can help move your vision into the next phase of production.